About Leah

Writing is essential to my daily existence. Like breathing it sustains me. When a day goes by without writing my soul knows it and I rush back to the page as soon as possible to realign and rejuvenate myself. I feel the same way about reading and exploring the world through literature

Writing and literature enlighten and empower me.

As a former columnist and features writer, nonfiction used to be my daily bread. From 2006, I attempted more personal writing in autobiographical features. A memoir called The Map Seeker followed that was released in May 2009 and then the drafting of a number of screenplays, novels and short stories that I feel need revising before I seek representation for the work. There seems so much to learn and make better before one gives their work to the world.

Currently, I am at work on new fiction seriously for the first time.  I am also originating new essays here on this site where I hope to combine my passion for literature and the Arts with literary, cultural and social observations and discoveries. And, daily I persevere with my devotion to reading and writing and listening to people and their stories, as a means to improve my writing and my service as a mentor to young professionals.

Like an artist, I arrive at the page with a fresh eye on the world, an open mind and a plan. Before I begin I pray that original thought and expression find its voice through new interpretation. And then I create.

Join me here to read the work.

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