It’s Time

It’s time to get back to the writing, to get back to the blank page and create.

The act of writing – creating new material and revising and editing material that has been sitting patiently on the shelf – right this second feels like a long-lost friend.

Well, I turned up today to say: Hello dear friend, I didn’t forget you, I’m back.

Since I last wrote here on this blog site, in January 2018, my time has been consumed by lectures, reading and assignment deadlines in honour of my undergraduate studies as well as much more that is mostly family and fitness related.

Thankfully, now there’s a little less to-do as I’ve taken my final exams for this year,  I think it’s high time to renew a connection with that innate part of myself that simply needs to write and connect with the world beyond the page, so here I am and how good it feels to be back.

To motivate myself for the next 90-days because I’d like to develop a more constant beat of writing new work, I aim to turn up here every day with something new to say. As of this moment, I have no idea what that means content-wise but I love this idea.  To be honest, I feel pretty excited about the prospect of the creative unknown and what I might discover about life as well as myself when I turn up to write.

Let the adventure begin.


Image credit: Cartoon by Charles M. Schulz



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