Simple Pleasures

I love the vintage Olivetti advert I chose to accompany this little feature. The look of joy on the face of the girl in the illustration is the type of happy satisfaction I felt when I was a young girl of about nine or ten when I looked at my portable typewriter.  It was not a piano but when I typed it felt like I was making music.  As my fingers danced over those little keys the love of my life appeared on the page, words, black letters on white paper which proved to me I was alive, that I mattered, that I was creating, that I had a voice inside of me that had something to say and here was the proof for me to see with my very own eyes.  Each beat on a key was like a heart beat.  How wonderful it felt.  The blank page never frightened me.  Only certain people did that; but, thankfully no more.

Back then, and even today, at any time of day or night, I experience real joy tapping away at that little machine in my memory.

How amazing it was to look at the white ream of paper and to press a key and see a mark; the beginning of a story.

With thanks to:

Olivetti for the vintage advert.


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