Mosaics. Patterns. Vistas.

This is what I have come to know in the last six years since I returned to my birthplace London after a hiatus overseas for eighteen years.

The picture of one’s daily life is made of tiny mosaics: moment-by-moment beats of time and experience that translate into a continuous stream of little images and soundbites.

The pattern of our daily life forms as we continue onwards on the pathway of our lives.

Change begets change if we have the courage to try new things and explore new options. It is the rituals of daily life that we hold onto if they work for us; they form the foundation from which we are able to take flight.

Take flight and launch ourselves into new vistas, new ways of thinking, being and giving to others, to our own self and to the Universe.

The picture of our lives is made up of tiny mosaics.

The way we live our lives is made up of series of patterns; new and ritualistic.

What inspires our lives is the vision, the vista beyond the ordinary and the necessary mundane routines that ground us in the here and now, the routines that are solid and consistent that strengthen us so that when we are ready to take flight into the unknown, we are prepared and fueled for the exploration into new vistas.

How exciting life is.

How essential rituals are in our daily practice of life.

How precious is the breath that energizes us; that helps us live beat-by-beat, that allows us to fix down one mosaic at a time on our pathway from birth to the last breath.

How important it is to appreciate and be grateful for each moment and each human being that inspires us and helps us each day in our lives.

How vital it is to invest in disciplines that educate and form us.

How crucial it is to have faith and trust in the vista of our beautiful yet-to-be lived life. To dream. To imagine. To pray for miracles. To walk through the open door into the unknown where all possibility dwells.

Here’s to our daily moments. Our daily lives. Our triumphs. Our challenges that can always be turned into a lesson so tomorrow can be better. Or endured with new strength and vitality.

Success and blessings to each person that reads this new blog penned every day to sustain and empower the individual in search of a truly blessed life of giving to others while sustaining and improving the self.

Here are particular sincere thanks to the mentors (and services) that I have sourced on line that have helped me develop my own daily rituals and have inspired, enlightened and guided me to good thoughts, good experiences and the ability to do more good for others.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to:

Tim Ferriss at:
Podcast – The Tim Ferriss Show
Your rock-like consistently sound advice keeps me focused on the ball. Even if I am out of reach sometimes, at least I have the ball within view due to your good example and sound research-based wisdom; sourced from ancient teachings and respected professionals in the field today.

Andy Puddicombe and Rich Peirson at:
Thank you for the free ten-day introductory course of meditation that helped remove negative thought from my consciousness helping me to lay the foundation for a new outlook on positive thinking.

Dr. Deepak Chopra for your enlightening workshops.

Daunt Books for Travellers in Marylebone near Baker Street in London, and all Waterstone branches and independent booksellers.  Mr. Daunt, your store is a beautiful and welcoming safe haven that provides me with happiness and rejuvenation, as well as a place I am always inspired by new authors.

A peaceful and healing Ayurveda retreat which helped me cleanse my body and soul after a series of traumatic events between 2007-2010.

To the founders of;  the most invaluable visual and audio 24/7 resource.

And, to everyone and anyone who I have met in the last six years who offered up a smile to me, or said a good word or shared an inspiring story, thank you.

Photograph credit: Oxford Dream by L.Kotkes

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